Pool Opening Hours

May and June Weekends only 12:30pm to 7:00pm
From Mid-June Everyday 12:30pm to 7:00pm
Extended Opening Thursday, Friday, Saturday in July to 8pm
Labor Day Pool closes for the season at 6:00pm

Pool Information

Pool Status:
Telephone: 201 767 5704
Email: hpkswimclub@gmail.com


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COVID19 Update

The pool will not be open for the 2020 season due to current health concerns.

The developments of recent months have forced the Board of Trustees of the Harrington Park Swim Club to decide that it would be unwise to open the Swim Club this summer. Given the current COVID-19 situation, the understandable reluctance of people to be in close proximity with one another, and the financial difficulties some folks are facing, we could not envision enough people coming to the club to have a financially viable season.

A significant portion of our budget is for staffing, opening, winterizing, and chemicals. No matter the number of people who are at the pool, we still have to pay a large, fixed amount to open and close it. By state law, we have to provide at least three lifeguards every moment that we’re open, so labor costs are relatively fixed, no matter how many people are there. All of this means there have to be a certain number of members to have a successful season. We had to conclude those numbers would not be there this year.

We know many would welcome a summer of hanging out at the pool and clearly this temporary closure represents a loss to all of us. By closing for this season, we can look forward to reopening for the 2021 season with no deleterious effect on our facilities.

Update on 2020 season closure - June 10, 2020

On June 8th, Governor Murphy allowed municipal and private swim clubs to open on June 22nd, and on June 9th the NJ Department of Health issued guidelines and restrictions that must be adhered to. The Board of Trustees reviewed those guidelines and determined that they do not alleviate the logistical concerns which, in addition to financial and regulatory considerations, led us to decide not to open the Swim Club for the 2020 season. Under these conditions and timing, we cannot operate the club for a normal and successful season, which would jeopardize our ability to open in 2021.

Letter to Members

The communication sent to members regarding COVID19 can be accessed here here

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